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Bulang's greatest attraction was his people. They were a diverse group of people, all united by a love for watches. Bulang considered the greatest treasure in the vintage omega constellation replica community. He was able to make great friends all over the globe, people who share his passion for vintage omega constellation replica.

Group Therapy

The internet had become a "crazy vintage omega constellation replica nut" hub in 2003. Bulang and Stahl were part of this community and were eager to learn from other like-minded constellation replica Bulang says that they spent hours discussing the underline on a dial, the mix of luminous materials in early 1960s and the shape of thelugs. We had so many great talks in forums, but it was time for us to bring everyone together. So we organized and hosted the first Passion Meeting. A group of watch geeks was invited to join us for a weekend full of watch passion. It was great to get to know the people behind the computers. They had a great atmosphere, everyone was so friendly and the trust was amazing. These were not your typical get-togethers.

We also shared images from these events on the forums, and were able so inspire others by showing amazing watches to so many people around the world. We were ableto share many images of 20 omega constellation replica MilSubs at a table, 30 Big Crown Subs, and 20 PaulNewman Daytonas. These images were not available online before and sharing the magic with people who couldn't be there was one the most important, yet unexpected outcomes of the events."

Bulang is no stranger to the watches mentioned. He has owned many of the most valuable grail watches in history. After 12 years of collecting, Bulang discovered, among other things, a perfect 6538 Big Crown and an original omega constellation replica 5517 MilSub owner. He also found a 5513 Comex, a 5513 Comex, and a 6241 Newman Daytona. All big pieces. The omega constellation replica 5510 Big Crown Submariner was his favorite of all the watches.IWC Portuguese Replica He exclaims, "You can't explain it until one is on your wrist. But a big crown makes it so special." The watch was warmly patinated on the indexes, and there was a small spot at the 11 hour marker. That little spot, just like Cindy Crawford's, added so much character. This was what attracted my attention and I have learned over the years that perfection is not always the best. It's all about character.

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